January 14, 2011

For Sale: Valentine's Bleeding Hearts

I'm making these edible bleeding hearts available for people to send to their Valentine this year: 

They are scarily realistic, but delicious with a red velvet sponge, cream cheese frosting and blackcurrant & cherry 'blood'.

Priced at £7 they are just bigger than a cupcake and come in a cute perspex box tied with a pink or red ribbon and a note if you want to add one. Delivery is charged on top and quoted on order.

I'm teaming up with Trekstock and donating 20% of the sale of every ╩╗bleeding heart╩╝ to the music and fashion charity that raises awareness and support for young people with cancer. 
They will be available exclusively through www.lilyvanilli.com, or email me direct at sendflours@lilyvanilli.com

“This creative platform is a great way to engage people in vital fundraising and awareness for the Trekstock charity.” Sophie Epstone, Founder Trekstock.

Orders must be placed by 12th February 

Heres Tim Wheeler eating his:
Ash - Carnal Love from Alex Turvey on Vimeo.


  1. Oh this is just fabulous! I'm part of a blog for crafters who like things on the dark side, and on Fridays we do a Fiendishly Fun Friday feature, posting nacabre/funny stuff we find around, could I please add a photo of this? You will of course be given full credit and links so people know where to buy it (and I think a few of our followers will be very tempted). This is the blog if you'd like to have a look:

  2. I third! Stateside heartcakes?

  3. My girlfriend is a zombie who lives stateside. How do I give her this heart?

  4. Yes! Please make this available for US delivery!

  5. Amazing!!! Must have one!!! Strange question: what are the ingredients? I have food intolerances so I like to know what I'm up against ^_^

  6. Hello - no US delivery atm unfortunately - sorry about that...
    boopetta if you email me with your intolerances it might be easier that way around - I can always make something bespoke xx

  7. Love this, and I'll post the info on Mystery Fanfare (http:mysteryreadersinc.blogspot.com) Sorry you don't deliver to the U.S. I'm sure they're delicious, too!

  8. Oh, please consider delivering to the States next year. Please oh please!? As a biology major, I'm pretty sure these would be the biggest hit ever!!

  9. damn i wish they had these in my town!!

  10. LOL this is AWESOME. Super realistic looking. Thank you!!

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  12. AHAHHA. what a cake!!!


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